Moving on the Next Chapter


George and Christine arrived in Haiti in 1974 via a cruse ship and volunteered to serve at Ecole St. Vincent, “E.S.V.” a center for the blind, deaf, and physically handicapped children.  George reinstalled the electrical panels after they shorted out and burned, repaired the plumbing when needed, and many other things like that around the center.  He even had to pull over 300 feet of water pipe along with a submerged water pump from out of the middle of the center courtyard.  He had to make a tripod approximately 35 feet long on each leg out of two 4 by 4's twenty foot long bolted together to make a way to pull the pipe out of the ground 20 feet at a time.  It was quite a site, because the classes were still going on all during this time as the center needed the water very badly.

Christine taught American Sign Language in the deaf classes which we converted into the French language making a few changes when necessary.  George also took time to teach sign language to some of the little deaf children who were starting school at the center.  He also setup a darkroom at E.S.V. where he processed photographs which he took.