Moving on Chapter 2


George and Christine began in 1976 with a handful of deaf children, transferred from E.S.V., on an unused campground just south of the area of Montrouis.  Since then the Haitian Christian Center for the Deaf (HCCD) has developed into a multi-faceted, co-educational complex after returning to the Port-au-Prince area.   Most of the children come from the rural parts of Haiti.  The parents sometimes travel up to 100 miles to get to the center.  The child usually can not communicate very well when they arrive, so therefore we must first establish communication in order to help them learn new things here at the center.  It does not take them very long to fit into the program and they soon become happy students scurrying around the campus.   With a resident capacity of 200+ children ranging in age from five and up, a four-fold program is diligently carried on.  With a primary concern for the Body, Mind, and Soul; HCCD accepts children who are totally unprepared to face the realities of a soundless world. The French name of the Center is:  Centre Haitien Chretien Pour les Sourds.  We are known in Haiti by the abbreviation of C.H.C.S.