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  • February 2002 NEWSLETTER

    During the Chapel Service one Sunday we felt led to ask if anyone wanted to give their "Testimony".   I had to explain what a Testimony was as we were not used to having  "Testimonies" given in our Chapel Service.   I told them that when we share with our friends and others what God has done for us, that is a "Testimony", like in the front of the church service and on other occasions "one on one" when we tell how God has Blessed us.

    Well one after another of the students came to the front and explained how they had come to this center for the deaf and that they did not understand as everything was very hard to comprehend.  But, after a few years they began to understand many new things and came to learn about God and His Son Jesus Christ and then later they had asked Jesus to come into their hearts.  They all said that they were very thankful for the school being here and that God had truly Blessed them.

    There we so many "Testimonies" given that I did not get a chance to present the message that I had prepared.  That is the first time that this has happened in our Chapel Service.  I know this happens sometimes in many churches, but this was our first.  The Holy Spirit had taken over the service and we were all Blessed from the experience.

    We have had many visitors this month with our Volunteer's building just about full.  Jane Wilson is here from Ohio working again with arts and crafts.  The Meijer family from Holland is here for a short time and we have some of Harry Rittenhouse's work group returning to fix more of our beds. 

    Updated June 2, 2009