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  • February 2008 NEWSLETTER

    Christine has begun teaching at the Casar Elementary School, which is only 3 or 4 miles away from home several days a week now to some special students along with substituting when they call her. 

    George was able to travel to Jamaica on January 9, 2008 for a week to visit the Caribbean Christian Center for the Deaf, CCCD, where we worked in the early 70's.  

    The highlight of the trip was when a deaf lady came up to George and asked did he remember her.  Well that was too long ago and of course he did not.  She Thanked Him for leading her to the Lord Jesus to be Saved .  THIS ONE THING MADE THE ENTIRE TRIP WORTHWHILE.  She is now working at CCCD with the little children.

    He was able to preach in the Sunday Morning Chapel service to the students and also to speak on the next Monday and Tuesday at devotions before the classes started.  While there he was asked by the director to speak at the Annual 50th Banquet about our time that we spend at CCCD in the early 70's.  On that Tuesday evening he spoke to over 360 people telling about some of the funny things that happened to us while there along with giving his person testimony of how the Lord has blessed us while at CCCD. 

    While George was there he spend over 21 hours in their Computer Lab upgrading with new Anti-virus software and removing errors in many of their computers. 

    George is still doing some computer repair work in the NC area.

       Updated June 2, 2009