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  • March 1999 NEWSLETTER

    We have been teaching the Lord's Prayer in both Chapel and in the classrooms.  We have given a printed copy of the Lord's Prayer to each student to help them in learning this important prayer.  

    On January 20th we had delivered 15 New dining room tables for the Cafeteria. Pictured at the right are these New tables loaded with food and ready for the children to begin eating. The old tables were unsanitary and just too shabby and falling apart. We had painted the old tables with PVC Varnish, patched them together with bolts, and welded the legs.  We were really ashamed that the children had to eat their meals on the old tables and for guests to see them.  We purchased these tables from an American friend who is in business here.  She gave us credit on the spot so I gave her a $1000.00 check when they were delivered which flattened our school General Fund account.  We also promised to pay the bill in full within 30 days as her prices are almost the same as "Office Depot" in the states.  We also purchased two new filing cabinets for Christine's office and 15 new kindergarten chairs.  All of it was delivered for FREE and we did pay for it within the 30 days.  The total bill was approximately $4,500.00.  We have the Faith that the Lord will provide the funds necessary to replace the funds which we have used.  We also had to purchase new mattresses for the dorms as some of the children were sleeping without one. Any extra donations to help pay for this much needed school equipment would be very much appreciated.  We need to hear from you ASAP. 

    Last year the Olive Grove Baptist Church in Casar, NC purchased us a New Commercial Air Compressor for the garage.  The original one had self destructed approximately 4 years ago and the deaf boys have had to use a hand pump after fixing our flat tires.  The grinning young man on the left is Phillip Edmond, one of our mechanics who has graduated from our center and is now employed full time with us.  The grinning young man on the right is Elie Charles, our number two man at the center who does most of the repairs and takes over for Pierre, our foreman, when he has a day off.

    For the last six months we have had Jane Wilson from Jefferson, Ohio who has been a Volunteer Missionary teaching the children Arts & Crafts. She has been teaching the older students to make things from leather along with teaching art and other subjects to the little ones.  Jane has been a real asset as she fit right into our program so well.  She has visited us before staying for two weeks at a time.  Jane is a great artist and has produced much of the artwork that we have used in our brochures.  We really appreciate Jane coming for so long of a time and she is always welcome to come and stay again for as long as she wants to.

    In His Love,

    George and Christine Braidwood

    Updated June 3, 2009