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  • April 2003 NEWSLETTER







    Dear Friends,
    Jim and Irma Lancaster returned to Haiti to visit us on January 31st.  They brought Teddy Bears to give to the students at our center.  Jim founded "His Glory" a mission project to take people to visit the mission field.  He brought George to Haiti and on to Jamaica in 1970 on a mission trip which the Lord used to call George to go into full-time missionary service.  This Center, HCCD, is here today because of Jim's ministry of taking people to the mission field.

    We are kept busy with everyday activities.  There are approximately 204 students who need continuous care.  We have both teaching staff and dormitory staff who help tremendously with all of the activities of the day.  Dina Castrol supervises the school, checks lesson plans, and teaches classes herself.  Jane Wilson from Ohio works with art and handcrafts including making things out of leather which was donated from North Carolina.  Renette Etienne keeps track of petty cash, does reports and runs the school office.  Pierre Andre supervises the dormitory staff and cafeteria with the help of Eli Charles.  In all we have 40 people on our Haitian staff.  We are so thankful for each one of them.

    School is going very fast this year.  We are preparing for exams in our third grading period.  Our older students are preparing for the government exams in both academic and vocational subjects.  We will have eleven students going for the sixth grade examination and 12 students going for the vocational examination in sewing.  Teachers and students are both working hard to prepare for the exams.

    We want to wish each of you a Blessed Easter.  We are reminded each day how important that our Faith in Jesus Christ and his Resurrection should be to each of us.  We hope this will be a time of renewal as we reflect on his death, burial, and resurrection.  It is wonderful to know HE lives today and that we can enjoy Christian fellowship in Him...   In His Love,

    George and Christine Braidwood

    Updated June 3, 2009