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  • September 2008 NEWSLETTER

    Christine just started teaching again the middle of August for the 3rd Grade at the Casar Elementary School, just ten minutes away, as a substitute for a teacher who is on leave for nine  weeks. 

    George has been building websites for Missionaries, Churches, and a Religious Radio Station in the area.  It has really helped him to improve his computer skills.  He has found a very good hosting site for websites which offers a great deal of service for a very low price.  If you are interested in having your own web site just write us at the location listed on our Contact Page with your email address and what you would like to have done. George will contact your ASAP.

    George is also still working on some computers that need repair work in the NC area.

    We still attend Abee's Chapel Baptist Church regularly along with visiting other churches, camp meetings, and revivals.  We are always ready to speak in behalf of the work in Haiti at HCCD. 

    Updated June 2, 2009