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  • November 1999 NEWSLETTER

    We are in a great need of regular monthly ongoing financial support.  We need at least $8000.00 before December 15th just to cover the rest of the payroll for the current year.  We have reduced our Haitian staff from 53 employees to the present 41 in trying to stay within our present monthly income.  We also need to give raises to our staff at the first of next year.  Presently there are not enough teachers to fill the classrooms and not enough staff to supervise the children after school hours.  Our European supporter has reduced our monthly financial support by approximately $450.00 per month for each of the past 4 years, i.e. we now receive $1800.00 per month less from them than we received just 4 years ago.  We have doubled the amount of tuition that the parents must pay to keep a child in our school and we still have not been able to keep up with INFLATION.  We have also re-started our CHILD SPONSOR PROGRAM to help with the monthly finances.

    We have been in much PRAYER and have STRUGGLED with this problem of not enough funds to meet our FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS for some time now.  We have cut back on school supplies and food for the children as it is now.  We are operational now because of the FREE food from both the U.S. and Dutch Governments.  We will not be able to continue as we are now much longer without some "NEW" ONGOING MONTHLY FINANCIAL HELP.

    We hope during this time you will find it in your hearts to understand our problems and give something special for the school.  The Lord has been faithful to supply our needs for many years.  We are trusting Him to touch people to give so that we can continue as we are now operating smoothly at HCCD.

    If you now support the school REGULARLY perhaps you could increase your giving each month to help us meet our FINANCIAL NEEDS to keep this center open or maybe you would RECOMMEND us to a friend or another church to take us on for monthly support.  We appreciate your faithfulness each month for these many years.  You have been the backbone in helping to keep the work going here.

    We appreciate each of you and what you have meant to us through the years.

    Thank you for your continued financial support and prayers.

    George and Christine Braidwood

    Updated June 2, 2009