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  • December 1999 THANK YOU NEWSLETTER

    Our hearts have been blessed by your response to our Emergency Letter.  Thank you for the financial gifts, letters, and prayers.  They have meant so much to us.  We were able to meet All of our financial responsibilities for the month of December.  We just thank God for you and His Faithfulness.  We are still in need of increased monthly financial support for the coming year to keep the monthly budget in check.  We are trusting that God will provide as He has always done in the past.

    We were late returning to Haiti this past October because George had a problem with kidney stones.  We had to stay an extra few days to have one surgically removed.  When we arrived back in Haiti the school was open and functioning.  We were really proud and encouraged by our staff doing this.

     We just finished a week of exams, report cards, and parties for the staff and children.  We have had a good first trimester.  The children began leaving for home on the 17th and we are now down to less than twenty students.  We had only one broken arm, one sprained arm, and several cases of malaria among the students this term.  The children went home healthy and happy.

    Jeff Jackson came again in October with a group of friends.  Jeff is the pastor to the deaf at the First Baptist Church in West Palm Beach, Florida.  We, along with the children are always blessed by their coming.  We have seen a huge growth in the students ability in using signs and an increase in the spiritually of the students when he visits us along with a renewed hunger for God's Word.

    We enjoy the Christmas Season as we remember friends, family, and especially the Gift of God to send his Only Son to earth.  Through Jesus we have Life Eternal.  We are so thankful for the opportunity to share Jesus with the deaf children of Haiti. We love teaching them that they may live a more educated and full life.  We pray that they ALL will soon come to know Jesus.

    We are Thankful for each one of you, and
    We wish You and Yours a Wonderful Holiday Season.

    George and Christine Braidwood 

    Updated June 3, 2009